Who We Serve

Sherpa’s budgeting software and consulting services are built for large enterprise clients in the US and Canada across state, counties, cities, and federal government, and education institutions.

State Government

Sherpa’s budget formulation and management solution is designed to be configured to the precise requirements of large, complex governmental jurisdictions and streamlines state budget preparation efforts while providing executives with real-time insights. We can help state governments:
  • Enhance analysis and budget presentations

  • Develop biennial budgets, two one-year synchronized budgets, or traditional annual budgets

  • Enhance state’s ability to develop, submit, review, analyze, and finalize operating budget

  • Forecast personnel costs by position, employee, and occupation code by pay period

  • Develop both executive and legislative budgets, in sequence or in parallel. Secure executive and legislative budgets from each other as well as department users

  • Distribute adopted changes department requests, automatically or manually


Local Government

Sherpa offers the largest dedicated enterprise, public sector budgeting team in Canada and the United States, able to lead projects across a variety of large, complex cities, counties and jurisdictions. We can help local governments:
  • Capture revenue and expenditure planning

  • Track metrics that align with goals of mayors, supervisors, and other important stakeholders

  • Adopt and modify budgets, actuals, encumbrances, performance data, bond schedules, population and CPI metrics

  • Compile statistical performance data including inputs, outputs, and efficiency statistics from central and ministry/county systems

  • Meet all state reporting requirements; we have pre-delivered schedules for the most complex state reports



Plan for today and the long-term using Sherpa’s Budget and Management Formulation Software to accommodate the needs of school districts, universities, and colleges across the US and Canada. We can help education institutions:
  • Centralize school district, college or university’s finances

  • Pull summary data directly from existing financial analysis and warehouse systems

  • Conduct budget analysis and scenario planning

  • Analyze human resources and HR data integration, including position, future salary rates, and benefit costs


Federal Government

Sherpa’s budgeting software is specifically designed to help large, complex government entities formulate, track, and manage operating, capital, and performance budgets. We can help federal agencies:
  • Create, store, and report budget formulation materials

  • Track data according to federal budgeting calendar, guidance, and policy

  • Load data into budget document tables and A-11 Schedule formats and templates

  • Integrate with any ERP module


Interested in what a complete budgeting solution can do for the public sector?